FEM du lit in a mirror box

"DEAD MAMA," the debut single from Seattle artist FEM du lit, is a beautifully haunted liturgy about the unethical mining of minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The chorus satirically calls out Tesla's lithium & cobalt mining as an American imperial assault against Congolese people. "Sippin' crimson in a Tesla, only price to pay is your dead mama. Dry heat in the Congo, cobalt dust is the way to go. Only price to pay..." Lack of modular technology in American enterprises, worsens the demand for exploited minerals (such as cobalt and coltan) and the toxic labor conditions miners are put under. To read more visit here.


Francesca Eluhu--artist name FEM du lit (a play on words meaning "woman of the bed")--is a Seattle-based singer producer of French & Congolese descent. Their music seamlessly pulls inspiration from both their Afro-diasporic heritage and an eclectic range of influences from Radiohead to Salami Rose Joe Louis to Moses Sumney. Known for being the front-person to Seattle's psychedelic neo-soul band, Day Soul Exquisite, Francesca ventures into an alternative indie sound for their solo project, FEM du lit. Music to be released on Eluhu's
La fem records.

FEM du lit in a mirror box